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Derl Adams
Ronnie Adams
George Albert   
Joey Albert   
Dale Allen   
LaRhesa Allen (Pilcher)   
Ricky Ash
Chuck Babb
Loretta Bankston
Debra Bates
Dahlia Benoit
Steve Bissonette   
Barbara Boudreaux
Betty Ann Boyd
Randy Brian
Carolyn Brooks (Barnes)  
Steve Brooks  
Janet Brown
Mary Jo Brown
Bates Browning
Darlene Busceme
Ernie Butler
Jackie Campbell
Judy Carver
Bruce Cobb
Kevin Cobb
Connie Cole (Catoe)    
Cindy Collums
Julia Cooper (Browning)    
Danny Cowan
Patricia Crochet (Borskey)    
Tamara Croft    
Jenny Davis
Debbie Decker
Linda Delisle
Dennis Delony
Lucien Dours   
Bill Erwin
Royce Estelle
Debra Evans
Susan Evans (Fowler)  
Emmitt Falcon
Cindy Flood
Greg Gayle
Gail Guice
Jocelyn Guillot
Bonnie Guins
Connie Hadden
Eugene Haley   
Allen Hall
Jerry Hannah
Kathy Harkey
Mollie Hazlewood
Pam Heard
Mark Hodges    
David Holloway (Holloway)  
David Hunt
Jeff Hunt
Carolyn Jackson
Sonny James
Suzanne Jones
Sharon Joseph
Becky Kendrick
Gary Kendrick
Ken Kent
Sandra Key
Bobby Kirby    
Paul Kirby
Marianne Knight   
Suzie Law
Debbie Leonard
Walter LeTard
Tommy Linxwiler   
Pam Lockard (Nogueira)   
Ted Lormand
Beverly Magee
Susan Martin
Charlene McCoy (Smith)  
Debi McDowell
Tim McDowell
Lucy McLaury
Norman McLaury
Debby Meares
Paulette Melson
Kenny Messer
Marilyn Miller (Milam)   
Ann Mills    
Ricky Moffett   
Emily Montegeudo (Wascome)  
Alice Mulkey
Roxie Nelson (Hunt)   
David Norwood
Cindy Oster
Dona Partin (Voss)   
Susan Perkins
Cliff Rabalais
Barbara Reppond
Guy Samuel    
Cindy Sessums
Mary Ellen Snyder
Anne Staples
Ronald Suire
Andy Taylor
Gail Thompson
David Thornton   
Eddie Tidwell
Diane Townsend
Hewitt Townsend
David Trahan    
Debra Turner
Bonnie Warner
Susan Warner
Connie Webber (Chuisano)    
Cathy White
Judy White
Terry White
Bobby Whitley    
Judy Wicker (Foreman)  
John Wigington    
Johnny Williams
Lacy Woodside
Bruce Wyatt
Lynn Yarbrough    

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